Friday, October 1, 2010

Ajay Devgan & Bipasha Basu Aakrosh Movie Photos, Wallpapers, Pics, Images

Bollywood's upcoming movie ‘Aakrosh’ is produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak, directed by Priyadarshan and presented by Zee Motion pictures and Big Screen Entertainer. The cast of this movie includes Ajay Devgn, Akshay Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Paresh Rawal, Reema Sen and Amita Pathak. Aakrosh is a hard-hitting film deals with the subject of honour killing in the state of Bihar. Also, the movie reveals the reality behind a love story that is an outcome of barriers of caste. 'Aakrosh’ is a hard-hitter on the honor killings based on a newspaper article that appeared in the Times of India in 1995. Aakrosh’ is set to release on 1st October, 2010. Here are some latest Photos and Wallpapers of Aakrosh 2010 Movie. Aakrosh 2010 Movie Pictures, Ajay Devgan Aakrosh Movie Wallpapers, Bipasha Basu Aakrosh Movie Wallpapers & Photos, Ajay Devgan & Bipasha Basu Aakrosh Movie Photos, Pictures & Wallpapers, Akshaye Khanna Aakrosh Movie Wallpapers and Aakrosh 2010 Movie Images.

Ajay Devgan & Bipasha Basu Aakrosh Movie Photos & Wallpapers

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