Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jenna Bentley works it on the beach

Generally when you see a celebrity working out somewhere public, aside from jogging or biking, you have to wonder if their efforts are about physical fitness or getting noticed. In the case of Playboy Playmate Jenna Bentley, there’s no question – it’s all about getting noticed. This girl does whatever she has to do to extend her fifteen minutes of fame, and it’s working. Here in Santa Monica, Jenna shows off her enormous jugs for the photographers snapping her picture; staring straight into the camera while bending and flexing. I mean, there’s not really anything wrong with it and she looks crazy hot, but at least in this case, there’s no mystery. She’s showing off, plain and simple but c’mon – if I had a body like that, I’d be showing it off too!

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