Saturday, December 11, 2010

Minissha speaks about MAMI Film Fest and more

Minissha LambaWhat if you get a host to be one of the most gorgeous female celebrities at a film festival? Would you watch The Social Network or her? Minissha Lamba is that celebrity, who will be hosting the opening day of the MAMI Film Festival at Chandan cinema. Then you question after watching her performance at The London Film Festival
in the critically acclaimed Well Done Abba.

How could this naturally gorgeous, graceful woman feel anything other than totally confident in herself? For a change, all her qualities will be in full display. This special correspondent dials the number 'M' to find out more on what's happening on the other side of the event.

"I am mainly excited to watch The Social Network"

Minissha Lamba watching The Social Network is garnering more attention I guess. But it's a hand in hand situation. One is not possible without the other. It is because I'm hosting MAMI that I get to see such distinct cinema from around the world, The Social Network being one of them. I am mainly excited about The Social Network and because of my busy travelling schedule; I didn't want to miss this film at all.

"It's love for cinema"

The whole idea is that cinema has to reach out to the people, whether it happens through film festivals or it happens through television or the DVD's. The mantra isn't rocket science: It's the love for cinema. That's the prerogative of any film festival. This is the 12th year of the MAMI and we are really proud. Indian Film Industry is huge all round the world and we're really happy that now we are working towards making the festival in our home town global.

"Films are coming to Mumbai. That's great"

Every year, a festival becomes more popular and gains more recognition around the world. All directors travel to various cities to reach out to their audiences with their well made and hard earned film. But the fact that you are bringing films to Mumbai where people out here have access to such kind of films and they don't have to go to Toronto, France, London, etc. You can witness them in your own city now. A movie is accessible to anyone who has the passion to go and watch a film. Festival is meant for movie lovers. It's a celebration.

"MAMI is soon going to be in the category of Cannes, Sundance, etc"

As a movie lover, I'd definitely love to be a part of a good and sensible film and take that film to Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, etc. Festivals that are recognised the world over, and hopefully, MAMI is very soon going to be in that category. At the end of the day, after Hollywood, it's Bollywood cinema which is taking over the world by storm.

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