Saturday, December 18, 2010

Taylor Momsen is pretty reckless

Because her band is called The Pretty Reckless. Yeah, lame, I know. Anyway, moving on. I don’t really know what I think of Taylor Momsen anymore. It seems like every move she makes is premeditated to make her look as bad ass as possible, but the more out there she gets, the more innocent I believe she is. Sure flashing her underage breasts on stage at one of her most recent gigs turned some heads. I, on the other hand, just rolled my eyes and yawned a little. It’s old news. This is what we know about Momsen. She has no problem talking about masturbation and her love for her vibrator. She blames her parents for her behavior because they pushed her into acting. I happen to think that’s probably the truest statement that’s ever come out of her mouth. That said, Taylor – performing here at The Academy in Manchester – is no more of a wild child that her pop culture counterpart, Miley Cyrus. The difference is Taylor wants you to think she’s as bad ass as Miley probably is. She isn’t though. She’s a little girl trying to play ball with the big kids – and she’s striking out. She comes across as a sad girl desperate for attention and I’m guessing that’s really closer to the truth.

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