Friday, January 7, 2011

Salma Hayek looks incredible

If you need proof that Salma Hayek is awesome, check out her guest appearances on 30 Rock. It’s one of my personal favorite comedies on the air right now and she was one of the best guest stars the show has had. Salma is funny, sexy and doesn’t take herself so seriously she can’t poke fun at herself. I love these pictures of Salma because they serve as just further evidence that Salma is not only a babe, but is also a babe that isn’t afraid to look human. Although she has a little cellulite in some of the pictures and doesn’t have a perfectly flat stomach, she still looks incredible. I’d rather see one picture of Salma than a hundred pictures of waif thin actresses that look like that haven’t eaten a sandwich in years. Salma is one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. Hope she comes back to 30 Rock someday.

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