Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Kartun Terbaik Era 80-an

Let's reminisce. 80-year arguably as one of the most glorious decade. Breakdance, full-color dress, language and jargon aka thug cartoons, are some things that should be remembered. Discussing the cartoon, who the hell are regarded by many as the best and still made an impression on the heart? Here it is 10 best 80's cartoon ...

10. Smurfs

Who does not remember with a set of these blue dwarf human. Although they look the same, wear the same clothing and live in the same place, each has a unique personality smurf able to save the group from Gargamel and Azrael.

9. Gummi Bears

Remember the cartoon is not the same on this one? That right, a collection of colorful bears are always an adventure. This Disney production is mentioned as one of the best that the company released the film giant.

8. GI Joe

Well this time the men's turn. Amit deh, who among you who then aspired to become soldiers because watching this film. GI Joe is really a great success deh.

7. He-Man

Hero of this one is perfectly illustrated (in his day) by the creators. Handsome, well-built and capable of beating anyone his enemy. Looks like not a few of us also have the imagination to be a superhero like He-Man.

6. Transformers

This one is no doubt his fame. Vehicles that can turn into robots and crush the evil, is considered cool by the audience ranging from children to adults. From the cartoon version first, until the movie version was released in 2007 ago, Optimus Prime et al always managed to invite admiration.

5. Mario Brothers

Mario and Luigi, two sisters have a lot of fans. In addition to cartoons, adventure games released Mario Bros. Nintendo also sells on the market. Absurdity of their main attraction in addition to the exciting adventure.

4. Rescue Rangers

This film is an adventure story of Chip and Dale, two chipmunks in a friendly but often also involved in the conflict. According to many people, the character inherent in the public mind and a good story, makes Rescue Rangers was named as one of the best.

3. Thundercats

80-year team co-operation is very advanced, and no cartoon that shows a better example of the Thundercats. It's clear why these cartoons to be the best number three.

2. Duck Tales

Who are surely remember Duck Tales theme song. The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck rich duck and three little ducks, Huey, Dewey and Louie, considered to be very epic. No children are willing to spend even a single episode.

1. Voltron

This is the heyday of the 80s cartoon. The film is able to combine elements of almost all the cartoons that exist at that time. Pictures, stories and the ability of the five Voltron robots is considered almost perfect. Besides watching the film, most of us would also collect toys, right?.


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