Thursday, July 28, 2011

Todays Love/Hate List....

Today I am loving....

The weather...perfect excuse to get on a  summer maxi, big sunnies and ridiculously huge earrings.....!!

The new Monsoon Fusion range...especially.....

Monsoon Fusion - £38

Monsoon Fusion - £42
The Body Shops new Honey Bronze you a fabulous shimmer whilst not being too over powering...

Body Shop - £16
And finally I am loving online deals....a three course meal for two plus fizz....errrmmmm....YES PLEASE!!

Today I am hating....

The weather....are you sunny, are you rainy, are you humid, are you cold....PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

Burnt skin....I have been back from holiday for three day and am still so red that the boss laughs everytime he looks at me.

And.....healthy eating....this time last week I was eating fried food with no I am eating vegetables and pretending to like it....rubbish!!

Trendy best short haircuts photos for fall 2011

Trendy best short haircuts photos for fall 2011

Celebrity short hairstyles have become popular with the hairstyle trends hairstyles of stars, models and other celebrities. A second celebrity icon who has made an impact on short hairstyles is Katie Holmes, who has brought back the bob with her popular hairstyle that has been emulated within salons all over the world. The bob has been brought back with a vengeance due to her stylish rendition of the popular haircut. Some celebrities like most popular short Celebrity Haircuts for brides are soft bob. Whether the big wedding day or any special event, it should be given deep consideration. Modern bob includes bangs and waves that provide texture, amplification and class. A celebrity haircut offer many advantages. It can instantly create a new look in the personality of the wearer. It can make you famous as the style is being favorable of celebrities or people make it famous as a part of celebrities.If you already have short hairstyles, there are lots of techniques and hair styles featuring textured crops, curl outs, and many others. Short hairstyles are envoy of any type of person we are representing. Short haircut is not for everyone, some will get solid hairstyles actually more flattering on them than longer hairstyles. It is easy and natural to achieve as well. To be victorious in wearing such kind of hairstyle, one must be ready to live with the results. If one is not prepared then do not try any colors that are crazy or untamed for the personality.Celebrity short haircuts are very popular among celebrities. Pretty, cool short hair styles for female are a great and classy haircut for every occasion. It is cute and stylish haircut for young women but can also be fit for proper events. If you like to transform your look often these short haircuts are great.One of the most famous celebrities that has taken advantage of many short hairstyles and set the bar when it comes to the epitome of style within short hair cuts is Victoria Beckham who has used asymmetrical short haircuts to create her own personal style. She has inspired countless women to make the change to short hairstyles. Every stylist is aware of the haircut and the variations that can be created through the haircut. 
 Trendy best short haircuts photos for fall 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from the Land of Beautiful People...

So I am back from Ibiza....slightly bruised and worse for wear but generally in good shape and here is what I learnt from my experience....

1. Although Ibiza is the land of the achingly hip and trendy....vintage still rocks. I wore this outfit on the 'Showgirls and Sequins' night. Yes it was hot (thank you 1970's polyester) but I got tons of compliments and stood out...maybe a bit too much!!

2. We all try and loose that magical half a stone before holiday but once you are there it doesn't really matter if you have lost it or not....and it will not stop you having a fry up for breakfast followed by steak for dinner....with chips....and bread...with garlic mayo...all washed down with a litre of sangria.

3. Even though I haven't really exercised in...well....ever I was still able to dance for around six hours a night non-stop....sturdy legs I salute you!!

4. You are able to make fabulous new friends in a short space of time but also it doesn't actually matter if not everyone likes you.

5. And matter how brown you think you are if you sit on the last day in the sun with no protection on you will burn....FACT!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Angel Tattoos and Symbols

Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos: There are two models in describing angels, that there are angels male and female angels. But both have the same meaning as a symbol of ‘Protection, Security, and as Guardians of Hope and Ideals’.

Women Angel Tattoos Designs

Women Angel Tattoos 2011

Great Angel Tattoos 2011

Nice Women Angel Tattoos 2011

Culture Tattoo That Looks Modern

Best Polynesian Tattoos for 2011

Often people misunderstood about tattoos and piercing. Most people today feel that tattoos and piercing is the proper thing to be avoided and resisted, and the tattooed and pierced people or so-called collectors are also getting a negative image of the community. Though the history of tattoos and piercing, which in reality is the old culture of the world community even in USA itself to the community.

Chest Polynesian Tattoos 2011

Shoulder Polynesian Tattoos Art

Foot Polynesian Tattoos 2011

Indeed, historical evidence is less clear the tattoo, but experts conclude that the art of tattooing has existed since 12,000 years BC. Ancient tattoos are used for some sort of ritual for ancient tribes like the Maori, Inca, Ainu, Polynesians, and others. It is said that according to history, the tattoo was originally discovered in Egypt at the time of construction of the Great Pyramids. And then the Egyptians expanded their empire spread followed by tattoo art. The development of civilization of Crete, Greece, Persia and Arabia has further expanded the art form. around 2000 BC, the art of tattooing spread to China. And the word tattoo itself comes from the Tahitian language is “tutu”, meaning “sign / indicates something”.

In Indonesia alone, tattoo lovers often become marginalized. Especially when the New Order era and the emergence of PETER (Mysterious Shooter) who hunt down people with tattoos. It was regarded as a tattooed thug, criminal, criminals, and so on. So that time many people who want to remove the entire tattoo tattooed there in body to avoid Peter.

However, in the progress to date stigma that society began to decrease, although it still exists. Tattoos began to be regarded as a fashion, because a tattoo can enhance and increase your confidence as a person or body accessories.

Tattooing is part of an art, not again to the world of violence and criminality. Tattoos are an expression of one’s event, both the artist (tattoo) or lovers of tattoos themselves. Like painting, tattoos himself has a meaning behind a picture.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step in Chanel

My mum had a custom made Hello Kitty marble tiles in her previous house and I thought that was silly. Not being a Hello Kitty fan myself, especially have it on my floor but I still think it's cute for girls under the age of 10.

May strongly disagreed by my mum and her crazy Kitty fans friends. haha...
I'd love to have Chanel tiles in my bathroom with No.5, Coco Mademoiselle, No.28 and all other Chanel perfume bottles display on shelves.
How great would that be!

Hidden Beauty

Town and Country
image via Olivia Graham 

Princess in Castle

Chateau Mcely Luxury Hotel
Address: Mcely 61, 289 36 Mcely
The Czech Republic
Tel: +420 325 600 000
Reviews from Tripadvisor
Images via ladylike